Podaima Family

The intent of this Web site is to some day have some content here related to the Podaima family history, etc., as well as to redirect or forward E-mail of the form "first-name@podaima.ca" or "first-name@podaima.com", and to provide space for personal Web pages of the form "first-name.podaima.ca/com". Please contact me (E-mail below) if you want to use the podaima.ca/com E-mail address for yourself, or want to add content here.

In the meantime, below is a photo of most of the people that attended the reunion at Steve and Polly Podaima's farm, Zbaraz, Manitoba, Canada, August 3, 2002 --

[large version (~1 MByte)]

And a picture of the family tree, created by Linda Malenchak --

[large version (~1 MByte)]

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